Backward Curve Fan: Heating, ventilation Air conditioning, Air movement capacity upto 2200 m3/min for single inlet single width and 9200 m3/min for double inlet double with fan against static pressure upto 300 mm WG.,A true non - overloading
powercharacteristics impeller operates quietly Self-cleaningmblade surfaces allow light dust loadings and fume exhaust. Mechanical efficiency reaches upto 80%.

Portable Ventilating Fan:  For low pressure industrial and ventilating applications. Generally recommended for blow maintenance costs and space saving as the driving motors are mounted on the fan Pedestal. 10 basic sizes- capacities from 300 m3/hr to 50,000 m3/hr.

Standard Duty Fan: Double Inlet Single width Aerofoil bladed impeller with non overloading characteristics, Sizes from 250 mm to 2000 mm Impeller dia with air delivery from 500 to 350, 000 m3/hr and pressure upto 250 mm WG.

Standard Duty Fan: Double Inlet Double width Aerofoil impeller design ideal for all types of air conditioning and ventilation application for its lowest noise level and power consumption. Available from 600mm to 3000mm Impeller dia having air handling capacity from 10,000 to 3,50,000 m3/hr and pressure from free air upto 250 mm WG.


PRESSURE AIR FAN: DCombustion Air Blower, High Pressure build up for the use with oil & gas burner for industrial furnaces, ovens and for gas shops. Impellers are designed specially to pre-heat air at fan outlet to increase combustion efficiency, Narrow width radial blade impeller provides stable performance, Capacity from 500 m3/hr to 85,000 m/hr with pressure up to 1500 mm WG.

Heavy Duty Draft Fans: Boiler application & Air Pollution Control. Extra rugged construction for continuous heavy duty in central power stations and industrial plants. Aero dynamically airfoil shaped blades handle more air with less power and almost 40% less noise Mechanical efficiency reaches up to 90% Sizes from 600 mm to 2250 mm impeller dia with air handling capacities up to 28,000 m3/min and pressure up to 750 mm WG. Impeller may be designed to suit temperature up to 400 C.

GENERAL INDUSTRIAL FAN:- Heavy duty fans for dust and gas removal, material conveying and hot gas circulation. Radial blade impeller with or without shroud ring wuits most of the material conveying. Sizes up to 1950 mm impeller dia with air handling capacity up to 1,20,000 m3/hr with pressure up to 600 mm WG.

PLUG FAN: Oven-Dryer Air Circulation Square Panel mounted fan and motor base bolted to side of oven dryer panel. Saving out arrangement also available. Plug Fans are very much suited for oven and dryer air circulation. Suitable up to 450 C Sizes from 300 mm to 1000 mm impeller dia. with air delivery capacity 600 m3/hr to 55,000 m3/hr.


Cast Iron Body

Cast Iron Body Motorised

Industrial Exhauster

Double Stage Blower