• Melting Furnaces for Copper, Brass, Aluminium, Cast iron etc.

  • Aneling Furnaces for Stainless Steel Plate, Pipes, Tubes, Mild
    Steel & Aluminium etc.

  • Holding Furnace for Metals

  • Tempering, Hardening, Salt Bath, Galvanizing Furnace.

  • Sklener Furnace

  • Rolling, Mills, Re-heating, Furnaces/Forging Furnace.

  • Boggie Hearth Furnace for Stainless Steel/Brass Sheets aneling.

  • Pollution Control Equipment for Air and Water on Turn-Key basis.

  • Turn-Key Plants: Zinc Oxide/Sulphate, Antimoni, Tri-oxide and other Chemical plants

Combustion Equipment Complete

  • Burners of various type.

  • Blowers (All size).

  • Pumping Heating & Filtering unit (Simplex, Duplex/Semi Duplex type).

  • Oil Handling System such as oil pump, Filter, Storage Tank Heater, Service Tank Heater, Flexible Pipes etc.